More Association Members!

Snowbird early return!

We have seen a marked increase in association members with all of the associations currently using our websites. This morning 3 new members were added to a single association. There have been almost a hundred new members over the past week.

What does this indicate, well for one, more people are actively using the websites. We have over 2,000 unique visitors to the sites in the past 30 days. Your ads are being viewed by more people. And we are starting to see more events on calendars.

We are continuing to develop Our Home as a social website with content that members want. This will help us drive more traffic from inside the community and outside to view the activities and your ads.

Our Home has been selected by a number of the community management companies to provide websites to their associations. We are continuing to develop this market to put you in front of the association management companies and homeowners.

We recently updated our website with more information. Please go to to view. As always comments are welcome.


Spring Lake Condominium Uses for member communications.

Spring Lake Condominium has started to use the websites provided by ERB Systems to communicate information to the community. Lucinda Carter of Royal Shell said “This website will make it easier for us to manage document and help real estate agents to find documents they need. This will be a great timesaver.”  We at erb systems are pleased to provide this service to our community and we look forward to supporting more associations.  Our Home Association websites are also available to non profit clubs.