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December 16, 2013

ERB Systems
Attn: David Burns

Dear David:

We want to thank you and your company for designing and building the website for our community social organization. Your website has helped our organization of 740 households in communicating with members and building membership and participation in the activities of the newly formed Pinellas Social Groups here in The Villages. As you know, The Villages is a very active place, and we continue to find new ways to HAVE FUN!!!

You have been extremely helpful in setting up the Pinellas website and are always readily available by email or phone to answer our many questions. We started this organization using a monthly newsletter but found your website solution to be far more efficient, timely, and informative.

Thank you again for all your help. Please feel free to have anyone contact me for a reference on ERB systems. (OurHomeAssociation.com Free websites)

Charlie Kraft
President – Pinellas Social Groups (http://pinellas.ourhomeassociation.com)
The Villages, FL

Dear David,

I want to thank you personally for the wonderful website we are now using in Megan Villas. All you have to do is view the many activities we are reporting on in the site to better understand how much the site means to us. We have very close to 100% of our residents now registered on the site and depending on it to find out what is going on in the community. Sounds to me like a thank you to ERB systems from all of our households.

With regard to the Villages Shuffleboard Club, we have made great progress. One region consisting of 160 players, of a club of over 1300 members, is already enjoying the benefits of the website. As you know, building the data base of a sports community is challenging and the differences from a resident community are many.

Dave, I also want to thank you for the patience, teaching and guidance you have afforded me to this point. You have been available to me whenever asked and I hope I haven’t destroyed part of your private life during the learning process.

You can count on me to be available for any and all references that may be needed along the way. Thanks again.

Tom Mangone
Megan Villas Website Administrator (http://meganvillas.ourhomeassociation.com)
Villages Shuffleboard Website Administrator (http://villagesshuffleboard.ourhomeassociation.com)